In the Plaza St. Gilles, Brussels, Belgium.

In the Plaza St. Gilles, Brussels, Belgium.

Hello and welcome! My name is Kate Harris and I taught social studies at a public high school in Durham, NC for ten years. This blog came out of a desire to explore and share what we were doing in my World Religions course, but  I also taught Advanced Placement United States History and American History II. I also coached field hockey, served as a mentor to pre-service and beginning teachers. Recently, I relocated to Pittsburgh and am continuing work in education, but out of the classroom. I’m currently a program assistant at the Frick Art and Historical Center, an online mentor for AP US History, and item writer and reviewer for TE21 assessments. For more about the goals of this blog and why I started it, please read my first post here.  If you are curious about my professional resume, you can view it here.

Have questions about integrating World Religions into your curriculum or any of the ideas or posts here? Just want to say hello? Feel free to contact me using the comments on this page. You can also find me tweeting @katevilanova (although I’m not convinced I’m any good at it yet).

Hope to hear from you soon!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Kate, I got an advertisement today from the Unemployed Philosophers’ Guild. This description of the “Secular Saints” candles made me think of your World Religions class (in a light-hearted sort of way):
    “Let one of our inspiring cultural lights bring clarity, warmth, and soy wax to all your burning questions.”
    There’s more humor that should be visible here: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=cf3ba43e-7b24-4a61-8f8f-ab2897dda1f4&c=d705ee10-a9bd-11e3-b278-d4ae529a863c&ch=d835bb80-a9bd-11e3-b2cd-d4ae529a863c


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