Resources by Religion

This page is a work in progress, a collection of links used to teach my course over the years. Suggestions welcome!

General Background

Religion in Film–A List of Films for the Religious Studies Classroom

God & Gorillas A article on Barbara King’s research into primates and religious behaviors

Origins of Religion Ted-Ed lesson

Animations of Theories of Religion from Brainpickings

Pew Research US Religious Landscape Survey

 Religions for $1000, Alex NYT op-ed on why religious education is important

CNN Belief Blog

NYT Times Learning Network Resources for World Religions

Curriculum Guidelines for Teaching about Religion from AAR

Global Oneness Project Variety of lesson plans on cultural issues from around the world


Is Atheism a Religion? Room for Debate in the New York Times

More Atheists Shout it From the Rooftops NYT article on growth of atheism in the U.S.

The Atheist Voice: Is Atheism a Religion? Entire youtube channel, has some useful classroom clips

30 Days: Christian & Atheist  45 minute episode of the Morgan Spurlock show–great way to introduce atheism!

Indigenous Religions

Yoruban art gallery

The Upside of Isolated Civilizations Ted-Ed lesson

Ancient Mayan Blood Sacrifice video lecture; stop after he talks about cutting the tongue….because he starts talking about cutting other things!

Shamanism in Mongolia Short video

Living Maya Time creation story as well as other short videos on the Maya from the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian

Playlist of videos about Mayan religion on Youtube

San Juan Chamula, A Church Out of Time

Donning the Mask: Mayan Belief, Christianity, and the power of Syncretism

Video on the Ainu in Japan

Yoruban Naming Ceremony


 Worshipping at Kumbh Mela video

A Fire for Ganesh video

Perceptions of Sati lesson plan

The Caste System in India reference

Our Journey: How We Know Caste video

Not Cast in Caste from Hindu American Foundation

Respect the Sacred, Ignore the Sexist editorial on women’s role in Hinduism

Around the World in 80 Faiths–India

Hindu Festivals photographs in the Atlantic

Faith Connections Kumbh Mela video

Puja: Expressions of Devotion

Yoga and Yogis in Art


When Buddhists Go Bad photographs of clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in Burma

 PBS “The Buddha” lesson plans and videos

Deciphering Buddha Imagery

Selection from the Lotus Sutra

What is Nirvana?

Buddhism and the Silk Road

Buddhist in America–Soka Gokkai videos, this one is of a former student


Zen Buddhism Art History

Buddhist stories


The formation of the Khalsa cartoon

 Langar at the Golden Temple

Ted-Ed lesson on visit to a gurdwara

Sikhism and Buddhism youtube clips

Mai Bhago: Sikh warrior


 The Nun’s Tale

 Victoria and Albert Museum exhibit & Snakes Ladders game

Meditation Memory Master Monk (alliteration!)

Daoism and Indigenous Chinese Beliefs

 The wisdom of Wu Wei Psychology Today article

I Ching Hexagram lookup

China’s Daoist Revival 

Yin and Yang video


Mencius Excerpt

Chinese Cosmos (Asia for Educators)

The Useless Tree: Confucianism is Not a Religion

Peter Berger: Is Confucianism a Religion?


The Japan Project: Collection of Lesson Plans

Teaching Japanese Religion (not just Shinto)

Presentations by professors on Japanese religions

State Shinto

Shinto Perspectives in Spirited Away


 A religion in decline NYT video


 Oprah’s visit to Hasidic Brooklyn

Judaism and Jewish History curriculum resource packet from ICS

Judaism Must Embrace the Convert

Judaism 101


 Remembering the Poor short article on liberation theology

Catholicism and the Role of Women USA Today article

Time for Pope Francis to talk to Jimmy Carter National Catholic Reporter article

What the Pope left out about women CNN article

Christian New Testament on Women

John Green on Development of Christianity


 Room for Debate: Is the Hijab worth fighting over?

Access Islam collection of video clips

The Light in Her Eyes a documentary about a school to teach girls about the Qu’ran in Syria

The Origins of Islamic Law a short overview suitable for students

A Legal Simulation about Shari’ah lesson plan

An Islamic Point of View on the Crusades

New Religious Movements


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